Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction, Green Buildings and Sustainability

Historically, Governments have been deriving the construction Industry. In India CPWD a premier construction agency, also performs a regulatory function in setting the pace and programmes for the building industry 1 . As a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava, a National Conference on "Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction of a self-Reliant India" was organised by the National CPWD Academy. Compendium of conference papers is now available on the National CPWD Academy's website.   

Why we shiver inside an old passively oriented Building?

Why during winters, does it feel colder inside an old passively built habitat? And what can improve it? Yes, at present the Delhi NCR is undergoing extreme heat, the corona epidemic has forced us all to stay indoors. One is lucky to reside in a passively oriented low-rise habitat with grown-up trees. But those in high-rise apartments without passive orientation have to bear the burnt.

Sustainable Construction-Issues and Solutions

 This blog does not involve complicated simulations. Instead, it attempts to identify sustainability issues in the  Indian urban development context. All constructions are bad for the environment— considering our immense shortage we ought to build in a big way— but our building activities must show this sensitivity.

Construction Billing with Excel Update

MS Excel has been used for construction billing from the very beginning of its launch. Excel 2007 with the introduction of Pivot tables made calculations like abstracts appear like magic. Other calculations like theoretical cement consumption etc. were also possible and yet total automation was not possible. Power Query and Power Pivot an addon to Excel 2010 were initially inaccessible have come of age now. The users of this blog would like to visit "Billing with MS Excel (V-1)" to see the possibilities of using pre-2013 Excel versions. The new data capabilities make Excel a gamechanger for billing and similar applications. Please look at the possibilities of this tutorial.

Using Excel Power query for Construction Billing & Data Mining

 This blog published automating construction billing during 2013. It is tried and tested and customises, nested ifs, data validation, Vlookup and workbook protection skills to meet the accounting department's requirements. Excel since then has transformed into analyzing and visualizing the big data. Construction projects have also transformed. 2013 was the time when the dashboard became fashionable, it served the purpose. Now is the time for low code, no-code development  — dashboard remains in the front but the real value and not just automating a semi-manual billing that was inherited; what present-day site monitoring and management requirements are much beyond. Construction quality and safety as demanded today can be met by freeing the site engineers from all possible non-related activities. And meeting the requirements of construction data mining. 

Excel Basics for Construction Professionals

The following blog and attachments are on an Excel Workbook that I use for my introductory classroom sessions on Excel for Construction Professionals. In a time when social distancing is prescribed, it would be better if the tool makes one learn on its own. The present one still requires a class supplementation, and I need your perspective on making it more useful.

ANGAN- Till when we would remain obsessed with refrigerants, air conditioners and high rise?

Following professional conferences, I used to write my reflections to my subject matter expert friends. This time, I felt like writing it on my blog. Climate emergency is not limited to my professional friends; it affects everyone. ANGAN (Augmenting Nature by Green Affordable New-Habitat) an International Conference organised by Bureau of Energy and giz during 9-11th September 2019 was a such an event.