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Sustainable Construction-Issues and Solutions

 This blog does not involve complicated simulations. Instead, it attempts to identify sustainability issues in the  Indian urban development context. All constructions are bad for the environment— considering our immense shortage we ought to build in a big way— but our building activities must show this sensitivity.

Construction Billing with Excel Update

MS Excel has been used for construction billing from the very beginning of its launch. Excel 2007 with the introduction of Pivot tables made calculations like abstracts appear like magic. Other calculations like theoretical cement consumption etc. were also possible and yet total automation was not possible. Power Query and Power Pivot an addon to Excel 2010 were initially inaccessible have come of age now. The users of this blog would like to visit "Billing with MS Excel (V-1)" to see the possibilities of using pre-2013 Excel versions. The new data capabilities make Excel a gamechanger for billing and similar applications. Please look at the possibilities of this tutorial.