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A solver Solution to resolve the incomplete housing inventory

  Many solutions using the Excel solver tool as used in the field have been presented in this blog. The application ranges from structural design optimisation to revising weights to green building parameters . Solver works like magic; results are too good to be believed. Once you start using it, you understand problem formulations and asking the right questions as the only thing you ever need to know and develop. If you have never used solver, you would like to read a solver primer    first. Problem Statement Task Allocation optimisation to contractors' of specialised trade in the present scenario*. Assumption Tasks and skilled trade workforce are available in plenty. Constraints  Each contractor would take up only one or two tasks simultaneously. (They tend to grab many jobs, and all task's schedule and quality suffer as a result)  In the hypothetical problem in the sheet, " o ne Contractor 1 task, "  five tasks are allocated to five trade contractors.  Th