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Choosing construction technologies

'The Choice is simple Sustainable development, unsustainable development or no development at all.' Sandy Halliday, Build Green 1990." National Perspective Continuing with the conventional constructional technologies for the mass housing is like burning candle from both sides. It is unsafe, polluting, wasteful and may be.... undignified for our times. The negatives multiply in case of high rise construction wherein it is akin to burning candle from all ends. It is the root cause of the poor quality, Project Time + Cost overruns and most tragic of them all most fatal accidents. Indian construction Industry (?) can't afford to continue it  for mass construction projects. Planetary Perspective With the above perspective, achieving mission of Housing for all by 2022 through the present industry practices is likely to be disastrous not only for us but for the whole planet as well. For achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is imperative that w