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No Code Development in Construction Industry, Building Research and Sustainability

 A no-code development for Construction Billing was earlier demonstrated. The data model was restricted to the consolidation of Excel Billing files and an excel file containing theoretical consumptions of various basic inputs. The technique frees us from the tyranny of long looped Lookup formulas , the limitations of sheet rows, and how it slowed down the computer system.    However, Power Query's data extraction is not restricted to merely Excel files and folders. Here lies the opportunity to integrate the evolutionary knowledge of sustainability into construction practices and research.  In the current illustrative solution, a relevant table in the updated ECBC code, freely available on the BEE website, has been converted into a sort of App in just one sitting...and typing no code. You can download the Excel file here and the presentation showing the stepwise development of the table into a lookup-like app here . The application uses Power Query and your version of Excel needs