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For Construction billing of buildings Many ERP Solutions Require. 1.       Tower wise data (Required). 2.      Unit wise data (Required but may be relaxed ) Additionally the best billing practices (Procedure) require the process to be: 1.        Simple & easy to work with and understand. 2.   Transparent and Electronically Audit-able. 3. The important data such as BOQ item rates and material coefficients etc. should be  tamper-proof . HOW EXCEL CAN HELP? A few of Excel tricks can make you achieve all the above and more. This tutorial shall help you to achieve the best construction billing practices which are essential for effective SAP implementation and utilization of the data for project related time and cost analysis for Project Monitoring & Control. The good news is that you need not change your computer hardware or billing engineer though faster computer would help. It is assumed here that your billing engineer is already preparing the bills using

Data Validation

As a default, you can fill in just any text or Number etc. in any cell of your worksheet. Databases and solutions however demand reliability.  The Data validation feature just does that. For example you might want to dictate the following rules to your electronic measurement book.