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Optimizing Facade Elements with Spread Sheet Model

The paper coauthored with Anagh  has been published in the proceedings of National Level Symposium (Festival of Architecture & Built Environment-10th &11th Feb. 2012) organized by SRM University, Chennai.   (ISBN: 978-81-8424-755-8 Published by Allied publishers private Limited-Chennai)   Energy Saving By Optimizing Facade Elements with  Spread Sheet Model. Abstract: A major component of energy requirements for cooling and heating  comes through facade elements of a habitat. Bulk of this huge energy requirement can be  reduced through optimum orientation and detailing of building facade elements. The  graphical methods available for calculating the energy inputs are lengthy and cumbersome. Hourly heat ingress or loss quantification over the year makes such manual methods   impractical. The popular energy software are black boxes requiring inflexible and voluminous  data entries and are not suited for optimizing individual facade elements.