Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction, Green Buildings and Sustainability

Historically, Governments have been deriving the construction Industry. In India CPWD a premier construction agency, also performs a regulatory function in setting the pace and programmes for the building industry1.

As a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava, a National Conference on "Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction of a self-Reliant India" was organised by the National CPWD Academy. Compendium of conference papers is now available on the National CPWD Academy's website.   

The conference along with new indigenous technologies covered disaster and green building paradigms. Focus on innovation and change in mindsets is palpable. Opening up to new paradigms contrasts sharply with thinking on siloed greatness of time-tested construction specifications and processes.

The paper "Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction, Green Buildings and Sustainability" was jointly presented. While I presented at the conference in person, coauthor Sh. Manoj Sharma joined remotely.

Unlike other conference authors who were masters of their calling, we had more questions than answers. It was not because it lacked hard work, in fact, the paper alludes to more diverse subjects and references than any other article. It is due to the uncertainties and threats that climate change presents and the scope of vast mitigative potential that buildings and the construction sector have. 

The blog intends to find collaborative partners and opportune projects in finding answers to our questions and create knowledge to build back better.  Solutions that could tangibly help in India's commitments to Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) while keeping pace with our habitat-related developmental requirements. A narrative on what went well at the conference follows.

Despite the constraints of time and space, topics most pertinent to present needs were included. The contributions came from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The participation was extended to client departments. The event was supported by the top management. Agility, adaptability, and welcoming openness to change are very encouraging. On a personal note, paper preparations enabled meaningful collaborative efforts.

As India pushes hard to come out of the corona, professionals ought to come up with practical solutions to build better. Transformative change and Inclusive sustainability requires that the top-down efforts are capitalised by the bottom-up organic growth of innovations.

1Induction Material for C.P.W.D. @


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  2. The National Conference on "Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction of a self-Reliant India" was a welcome initiative, as it focused on innovation and change in mindsets, and addressed important topics such as disaster and green building paradigms. The paper "Indigenous Engineering Solutions in Construction, Green Buildings and Sustainability" presented at the conference aimed to find solutions that could help India meet its commitments to INDCs while keeping pace with developmental requirements. Despite constraints, the conference successfully included diverse contributions from various backgrounds, encouraging adaptability and openness to change. Can you please discuss the following topic "Industrial Construction Companies In Chennai" in your next blog.

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