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Application for Making Parabolic Camber Board

This Excel Application Calculates the Points for making a parabolic camber Board and draws a chart for the half road section profile. You are required to enter the road width and the % slope. The parabolic shape is given so that the profile is flat at the middle and steeper towards the edges, which is preferred by the fast moving vehicles as they have to frequently cross the crown line during overtaking operations.  on a two lane highway. Download Application here.


To begin with the single most important reason to adopt the MS Project is that activity sequencing with it is very easy. It is here assumed that your team is already using other MS office applications (2007 or later). The initiation of schedule preparation with MS Project would give rich dividends and justify additional cost and effort on this account only. In Indian scenario especially at locations where construction projects have suddenly grown both in size and complexities, gaining maturity in professional scheduling/work sequencing can be a boon. The construction projects scenario here can be summed up as below. 1.        Projects are getting more complex. 2.        Numerous sub consultants and subject matter experts are involved. 3.    Construction Industry has a tradition of consultants working in silos. 4.        Works have to be got done through subcontracting. if you have been in a complex building construction team, it is obvious to you that inadequate


Why on earth would one like to do structural and other construction related designs using Excel? Are not there lot of software already? And most tend to get user friendly and simplistic after a few repetitions. The answers to above are, that is why and more so! The software in use are black boxes and don’t really connect with your conceptual engineering (first principles) knowledge. And that is why you can’t be creative or audit it. The questions that must be asked are. Can one relate the process with basics? Can you be creative and generate alternatives?   How does it handle integrated cost optimization and quantitative risk management? In any case, you require the designs to be cross checked with another software application. And the knowledge worker within you would definitely like to connect it with subject basics. It is fun to use advanced Excel skills to address the above. Building Green demands creativity and innovation. Sustainability requires energy and mate