Excel Basics for Construction Professionals

The following blog and attachments are on an Excel Workbook that I use for my introductory classroom sessions on Excel for Construction Professionals.

In a time when social distancing is prescribed, it would be better if the tool makes one learn on its own. The present one still requires a class supplementation, and I need your perspective on making it more useful.

It is assumed that you are already using Excel but are lacking in thorough understanding. In any case, we all need to keep updating our skills, and more value is being added to Excel than probably one can and need to learn. So the focus is on solving our routine works.

This is a work under progress and for professional progression. An attempt has been made to understand the immediate problems that one faces in practice. Though it is for beginners, every one of us who need to use excel would be benefitted.

Click here to download the workbook.


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