Useful Chart for a Construction Manager

Charting in excel is mostly intuitive and easy. However sometimes it can be tricky. One such situation is when it is pertinent to show two supporting parameters which are quantitatively on different scales.

Here you want to boast your team’s efficiency who have  increased their turnover (Value Created)  while cutting down their establishment costs.
Usual parameter which shows the team's efficiency is E/T ratio which is only a fraction of your turnover and therefore when you try charting with a routine XY chart is not visible or not indicative of this trend.
When the new recommended charts feature in Excel 2013 version does not help you you try XY charting. Though all three series are addressed it does not communicate your intent, that is to project your enhanced value creation while reducing expenditure on your establishment.

The trick here is to show the E/T on the secondary axis which needs to be communicated to Excel by you. So, you select and delete the Establishment series which is not pertinent. Now you need to move the E/T series to secondary axis. So you select this series and in the format data series  Series option choose Plot Series on Secondary axis to get the desired intent.

It is a good idea to get used to Excel Charting jargon. You can download the example by clicking A useful Chart for Construction Manager.


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