ANGAN- Till when we would remain obsessed with refrigerants, air conditioners and high rise?

Following professional conferences, I used to write my reflections to my subject matter expert friends. This time, I felt like writing it on my blog. Climate emergency is not limited to my professional friends; it affects everyone.

ANGAN (Augmenting Nature by Green Affordable New-Habitat) an International Conference organised by Bureau of Energy and giz during 9-11th September 2019 was a such an event.

Good things first: Shakeup in as to how government works were quite visible. It was not limited to the missing disposable PET water bottles but cracks in the tight silos of central & state government departments, ministries, academia,  NGOs and private sector. Dissolution of these silos is essential for sustainable value creation and visible cracks are a good omen.

Now, about an extraordinary session: day two opened with a keynote speech by Mr Sonam Wangchuk. The discourse was as impressive as his creation of habitats actualising engineering innovations in the local social and environmental context. He made the most daunting challenges look easy and doable. Sustainable projects need a look at it as a template and contextualise.

For contrast, there were a few sessions which covered a fragment of the building energy-related topic, not alluding that sustainability is not just comprised a disjointed piece but need to integratively cover all three aspects namely, environmental, social and economical. These were a few, and as parallel sessions were running, one was free to switch session. Writing about these would be a waste of time, and their mention in the blog title serves the purpose adequately. 

That many presentations have been added to the website is a value addition. Unfortunately, not all are covered, and the resources on the inspiring keynotes are still missing.

BEE would have done a better job by promoting adaptive thermal comfort then by promoting refrigerants, Airconditioners and  High rise structures. Lobbyists best market these. Government agencies can and must do better. This all indicates instrumentalism wherein you see all machinery energy efficiency as a proxy to sustainability.

There is a need to change the conversation to adaptive cooling. Excellent presentations alone are not adequate. The venue was too cold, probably only those in suits and ties must have been comfortable. As a pointer to an attitude, even the resource by Dr Yash Shukla on the website would not open.

It is wished that the positive trend shall gather pace denting the silos towards dissolution- a prerequisite to meaningful collaborative actions towards sustainability.


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