• From the perspective of the user, the waiting time and the travel time form important performance measurement criteria.
  • For comfortable travel, the horizontal and vertical accelerations are to be controlled and  limited to industry norms.

  • The cost of the system increases with the speed and beyond certain speed the increase is exponential.
  • Lift manufacturers make lift cars with their unique nonstandard sizes. This implies that the planning the lift brand has to be concluded before issue of GFC drawings for ground floor structure. This is a great schedule contradiction as the lift commissioning is the last activity.
  • Big brands often force their contract conditions. Usually their representatives have least authority to deviate from company’s prescribed conditions.
  • Service & Safety Issues: AMCs with the manufacturer is usual and safety and good services are provided by most of the reputed companies. Following safety features are usual.
    • Landing Door Safety (Both mechanical & Electrical)
    • Car top safety
    • Motor Breaking safety
    • Overspeed Governor
    • Pit Switch safety
    • Limit Switch up /down
    • Buffers for cars and counter weight
    • Car top guarding


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